The best social networks for entrepreneurs

The best social networks for entrepreneurs

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One of the most popular ways that entrepreneurs have to venture into digital marketing is through the use of social networks, which are very useful tools for those who start their own business.

However, if they are not used efficiently, social media can be double-edged weapons for the entrepreneur. Therefore, our most honest and useful recommendation in this regard is to think specifically about the type of entrepreneurship you have and the objective you want to achieve. Only in that way, will you properly choose the ideal social network for your enterprise.

In that sense, it is important to take into account that there are many social networks designed for entrepreneurs, but each one has characteristics that make them more appropriate for some types of businesses and not so much for others.

These are the best social networks for entrepreneurs:




The great advantage of Facebook is that it is everyone’s social network, everyone arrives and stays to share their moments and experiences.

However, in regard to enterprises, greater income is obtained thanks to its advertising coverage.

In addition, it is a social network in which the image and video reign as promoters of virality and, consequently, of social participation. So, if your product or service has the potential to provide demonstrations that build trust, Facebook is the place for you.




It is the social network in fashion today. In fact, it is the fastest growing social network since 2018 and is the favorite among young people. Even so, the adult public is increasingly prone to “move” to this platform, so it is clear that the advertising component is on the rise.

In this social network, the images reign, but the video is gaining more and more ground. In fact, recently, the Instagram TV section was included in which videos up to 10 minutes long and in some cases up to 60 minutes can be uploaded. It is, without a doubt, a hint of future competition with YouTube.

For its part, another interesting and popular functionality of the application are Instagram Stories, which are basically images or short videos that remain available on the platform for 24 hours. This function is the favorite of platform users, but it is increasingly used by companies.




Twitter is a social network a little more sober for ordinary users, but of great utility for companies. With it, enterprises can receive the doubts, comments or suggestions of their clients and come into contact with potential clients trying to get involved in the conversations related to the sector of their product or service.

In this network it is difficult to appear or decorate reality, since the users are usually very realistic and casual in their tweets. They express themselves freely and we can find a wide range of ages on the platform.

It is important to keep in mind that Twitter has the characteristic of “playing” with short messages of up to 240 characters and the incorporation of images and videos is also of great importance. In addition, it is important that we use hashtags and that you interact with other accounts and with your customers.




When it comes to videos, YouTube remains the queen of social network. No other network has approached the popularity that this platform has and the best thing is that more and more users forget about written content and “embrace” the audiovisual.

It is an ideal social network for companies to share testimonials, demonstrations of products or services, tutorials, emotional videos, question and answer spaces, interviews and much more.

Similarly, it is an ideal platform for emerging musicians, speakers and motivational coaches. However, it is very important to assess whether, in effect, your audience uses this social network because, if not, the effect of including you in this may not be the desired one.




Although this network is not the most used, there are important niches of clients who prefer it because they can obtain information and inspiration in an audiovisual way. Therefore, it is a very useful tool to grow your business traffic.

Users will be able to see images of your products, save them in forums and improve the visibility of your venture, since they increase the knowledge about your brand in social media channels, not to mention that they improve your organic positioning in search engines.

It is a social network that can help you position images and bring more users to your company’s website. Our recommendation is that you use very well worked and attractive images and videos, it is also useful to show infographics.

It is ideal for businesses related to gastronomy, nutrition, fashion and beauty, design, digital marketing and innovation, and companies dedicated to the bridal industry.




Linkedin, meanwhile, is the professional network par excellence. It is a very useful tool and space to network and connect with potential workers, customers, suppliers and allies.

Our recommendation is that, if you decide to join this network and create a company page, show your personality, talk, tag, mention others and get involved to attract the attention of those who are interested in seeing you.

This is perhaps one of the few social networks in which all companies should have a presence, since it allows to improve the employer’s branding of the company, attracts new customers and loyalty to existing ones, recruit the best talent and humanize the brand.




This social network, despite not having the scope of the aforementioned, can generate an important and innovative positioning, since it allows live events to be transmitted and synchronized with Twitter.

The combination of both social networks is powerful and can attract a good number of people to participate in the activity. Before an event, using short videos or excerpts, you can attract attention; While during a certain activity, you can broadcast live and increase your credibility.

Although we have mentioned a good number of social networks, the truth is that these are only some of the huge amount that exists. All existing networks can help you grow your business, you just have to be clear about your goals and develop an appropriate strategy to achieve them.

The advantage of social networks is that they are very easy to use once you define these parameters. You will not have to invest a fortune, but you will need to understand the operation of each network to choose the right one.

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