3 Tips on Digital Marketing that Every Entrepreneur Should Know

3 Tips on Digital Marketing that Every Entrepreneur Should Know

tips digital marketingNowadays, it is vital that entrepreneurs invest in their knowledge and the management of digital marketing since this is the most comfortable, safe and measurable way to publicize their products and services.

Digital marketing is, for the entrepreneur, the touchstone of success in terms of positioning, recognition and sales. Therefore, if you are in the process of entering this fascinating world, it is important that you take into account several aspects to include in your digital marketing plan.

For this, and before entering the field, you should know that your website is the meeting point between you and all your followers and potential buyers. You need to create a guide or digital marketing management plan and, of course, you have to keep in mind that content marketing can be your best friend.

Is your website optimized for success?

website optimizedThe importance of having an attractive and error-free website lies in the fact that users usually resort to the internet to consult the business in question. They perceive the website as a more secure space to make purchases and solve problems.

The only thing more important than having an optimal website is to understand and then develop a site that adapts to mobile devices; to be responsive, since most Internet users connect through their smartphones.

In your strategy for managing digital marketing, it is essential that you take into account the application of a responsive template for your website. Why? For the following reasons:

  1. Consumers increasingly turn to mobile devices.
  2. The responsive web design reduces the abandonment rate because it allows the user to browse the pages in an easier way.
  3. Your organic positioning, or SEO, will improve. Google loves these types of designs, since all the pages of the site have the same URL and HTML. On the other hand, when you don’t have a responsive website, each page must be tracked and indexed in the search engine separately.
  4. The speed of loading is highly appreciated by Internet users.
  5. Therefore, as a consequence of the above points, a responsive design is a safe bet to the future.

Do you have a digital marketing strategy?

Like any growth process, it is necessary that a step-by-step guide is generated. In this case; a digital marketing strategy.

The strategy will be that of the head entrepreneur who appears in the world of digital marketing. Whoever decides to venture without having a plan will risk not obtaining the expected results or generating a bad positioning.

What other problems arise if you do not develop the right strategy?

  1. You will have no address. The development of strategic and digital objectives is essential to advance.
  2. You will not have a way to impact the audience. It is necessary to perform the search gap analysis, plan keywords and define how many people are interested in a product or service (we recommend the use of Facebook IQ).
  3. The competitors of your brand will gain ground in the market.
  4. You will lack a robust value proposition.
  5. You will lose the opportunity to get to know your customers better.

The content is still king

You cannot lose sight of the fact that, in your execution of digital marketing, you have to offer valuable content, get involved in the conversation topics of your potential clients and become a necessity for the Internet users of your interest.

You must reach the place where your customers want spend more time on your website. You can do this by writing periodically in the blog of your enterprise, through social networks or through guest publications in high profile online publications.

What does this indicate? Basically, the content remains the basis of any unit and marketing strategy for entrepreneurs looking to interact and meet readers or customers: this is the most powerful opportunity available to impress the reader with their knowledge, experience, ability, ethics and even quality.

After having optimized your website, it is time to start working on a marketing strategy based on content marketing grounded in several indisputable facts.

  1. Respond to questions that consumers may have about your product or service, especially those that have to do with everyday use.
  2. Take advantage of the positioning you achieve with your content marketing strategy to achieve the leadership of your sector. Do not be surprised if you are contacted to dictate conferences and other events of that nature, once the desired position is achieved.
  3. Show your own expertise. This guarantees that potential clients and readers see you as a specialist in the area and, most likely, will look for you to take care of certain jobs.
  4. Use the spaces you choose for the development of content marketing to inspire confidence in your customers.
  5. Show that you are open to answer the queries, concerns and suggestions of your potential clients. The content allows you to open a dialogue, take advantage of that opportunity.
  6. Make your content accessible, using regular channels, such as articles and videos. 73% of customers prefer to receive information in this way than through advertisements.
  7. Content is the most effective digital marketing tool, since it is the safest way to sell. This is because you can draw an image of the business that forces customers to learn more about it.

It is clear that digital marketing for entrepreneurs is extremely important and that it can be applied in different ways, but all aimed at establishing themselves as experts in their specific area.

Today, consumers don’t want so much sales content, but instead more valuable information with which to nurture themselves and solve the inconveniences of their day to day lives. By understanding and applying this, the digital marketing strategy that we develop, is most likely to be a real success.