Useful Tools for every Entrepreneur

Useful Tools for every Entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur, surely you will have encountered all kinds of challenges to carry out successful projects. Most likely, you had to learn how to do many things that you didn’t know before, but were necessary to carry out the essential tasks of your venture.

Although you didn’t always handle knowledge or tools quickly, you did remain willing to learn and adapt.

And, precisely for that reason, we have decided to make a small list of the most useful applications that every entrepreneur should handle to carry out basic business activities.

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Accounting management tools


This is a very useful application for the administration of detailed expenses. It can be used personally or commercially, as it allows you to manage any bank or credit card transaction.

The system is capable of capturing mileage and other billable expenses.

In addition to being available in its web version, it can also be installed on computers with various operating systems such as iOS, Android, WebOS, Palm and even Blackberry phones.


QuoteBase, on the other hand, is an ideal tool to collaboratively elaborate budgets and export them, once consolidated, in PDF format.

It’s one of those applications specially designed for work teams. In fact, when the budget is ready and everyone is satisfied, the tool allows you to see a preview and then sends the PDF to all the group members.

As an entrepreneur, it is essential that you keep track of your billing and expenses. For this purpose, the best option is Kolab, an accounting tool that is very easy to use and very useful.

The best part? The application is completely free for small businesses.

Tools to analyze and follow the competition

Topping the list is this completely free application that allows you to track all the mentions of your competition. To use it you just have to install the plugin in your browser and voila.

Once the mentions of competition have been identified, you can find the most active users that will allow you tov implement strategies in order to attract them to your own community of followers.

Additionally, you will be able to obtain a basic analysis of your competitor’s monthly visits, as well as their score with respect to search engine placement and the origin of website visits.

Woorank Woorank

An analysis is one of the most complex business activities that you can perform. In fact, the application allows access to data of interest on SEO and SEM positioning, as well as traffic from social networks.

That is, if we analyze this information correctly, we can apply improved strategies and even correct errors that our competition could be making.

Although the application only allows a limited analysis per day, the truth is that the report is usually quite complete.


SEMrush is one of the best known applications to analyze competition. In fact, like Woorank, it allows you to analyse SEO and SEM, but in greater depth.

Although its free version may be somewhat limited, it provides useful data, such as visits through Google, number of better positioned keywords and other general aspects.

For many, it is a vital application for business entrepreneurs.

Tools for video conferencing meetings


HipChat is a very useful application if you are one of those entrepreneurs who need to hold constant virtual work meetings. For free, you can hold digital meetings with several members of the same company or business.

This tool allows you to establish permanent public and private chat rooms, private conversations with each team member, videoconferences, file sharing options, option to display shared screen and much more.

Fuze Meeting

To conclude, we couldn’t forget Fuze Meeting, a super useful tool for video conferences for work teams. Although it works very well for work meetings, it is also ideal for providing online training courses.

In fact, the free version allows you to connect up to 25 people in a video call session, making it more than enough for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

An additional advantage offered by Fuze Meeting is that you can record the meetings and export them to video formats that you can then upload to the cloud or to an audiovisual platform.



There are many applications and tools capable of facilitating the lives of entrepreneurs. To find out which ones work best for you, you should clearly define the needs of your business and, then, investigate the numerous options available on the web.

Many of the most basic activities that are required to carry out a venture are highlighted in this article, but if you need help finding the tool you are looking for, contact us and we will gladly support you in that regard.