Are social networks free?

Are social networks free?


Social Networks

There is a widespread myth that claims that the use of social networks is free. However, nothing could be more false! Once we decide to open an account on any social network for our business, we must assume that the management of this will involve some investment.

Investment of time, dedication and constant updating; basically for the following reasons.

We always need a strategy


Investing need a Strategy
Investing need a Strategy

Creating a profile on a social network does not imply that you will be successful in marketing. In fact, without a clear and efficient strategy, having a social network profile is counterproductive and will not achieve the desired result.

First of all, we have to clearly define our business objective and then create content attached to these objectives. In addition, we need to take into account who our potential consumers are in order to specify the efforts directed to that particular market.

However, that is only the beginning, later we will need to put in place other mechanisms to reach our target audience and send the correct message.

In that sense, social networks are incredible tools to reach many people and approach audiences that, in a traditional way, we could not initially. However, if we do not correctly invest our goal-oriented efforts, we won’t even be able to create a good community.

When it’s free, you are the product


Facebook is a clear example that. Today, the most sought after product is the data of Internet and social network users.

People have the wrong idea that using social networks is free because they don’t have to pay anything at the time of registering, publishing and sharing information. However, something that Facebook has taught us is that Internet users do pay a price and it is access to their personal information, a valuable input for companies.

Many people know that the income of many social networks comes from advertising, but not everyone knows that this advertising does not consist only of the placement of a banner or an advertisement, but of the possibility that some companies have access to the data of people who might be interested in your products or services.

This is how, for example, a shoe store will send information about its new products to people who recently bought shoes and shared it on their social networks.

You can’t avoid investing


In addition to the above, almost all social networks offer the option of paid advertising to reach wider audiences, of greater interest to our company. That is, for relatively small investments it is possible to send a message that reaches our target audience.

These options increase the probability of success of a digital marketing campaign and facilitate the process of converting followers into potential buyers.

Another demonstration that social networks are not free and that they require eventual and timely investments has to do with the fact that some tools to design, manage and monitor our campaigns (raffles, surveys, contests and forms) are in demand.

Similarly, some tools to evaluate growth statistics and social media reach are also paid. The usefulness of these lies in the possibility of evaluating possible changes and opportunities that we may not have initially considered.

But perhaps the most important thing in this regard is the investment of time and effort in maintaining an updated and well-managed network. Today, social media management is a full-time job that requires constant involvement, evaluation, monitoring and activity to make the appropriate decisions at times that require it.

Without a doubt, social networks have become business platforms that must be constantly reviewed to know the algorithm and implement effective strategies that allow us to grow in them.

Social Networks

Social networks are not free: they are spaces in which we gain visibility in exchange for dedication, effort, time and information. Companies and people who use the networks may not be fully aware of these expenses, but the more we understand it, the better we will face the challenge of proper management.

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