10 signs that I am an entrepreneur

10 signs that I am an entrepreneur

The current world is a world of accelerated transformations in which only benefit those who risk fulfilling their dreams, that is, entrepreneurs, the people  who are proactive and creative, and those who, despite not quite fitting in, continue with their eyes on the goal of success. 

Do you identify with these characteristics? Then maybe you are a budding Entrepreneur!

Do you resonate with these characteristics?

1 – You are willing to take risks

A feature of all entrepreneurs is their desire to constantly take risks. In fact, they enjoy leaving their comfort zone and understand that undertaking is a path that you travel without an instruction manual. You must be prepared for  any scenario.

2- You plan every step of your life

Although emerging entrepreneurs are subject to risk, this doesn’t mean that hey don’t have a plan. What’s more, entrepreneurs are people who visualize the final objective and, therefore, are able to reach that goal to ubsequent projects.

Entrepreneurs understand that the great objectives are obtained through small steps. So, if you like to take charge of the organization and plan in your  everyday life, and you have leadership and delegation characteristics, you are, without a doubt, a businessman.

3- You are adaptable

Any entrepreneur who respects themselves must be able to adapt. On the road to success, uncomfortable and even difficult situations often arise which force us to leave our comfort zone.

Unlike recklessness, which is also part of the entrepreneurial essence, the adaptability has to do with the possibility of embracing change and dealing with unexpected situations without feeling “disheveled” or, at least, without evidencing the complication of the moment.

4- You do not need a boss

The desire to be independent is also key to the entrepreneurial spirit. That is, the true entrepreneurs not only want to have control of everything, but they know how to do it and are aware of the responsibility that implies that each step must be decided by themselves.

That is to say, an entrepreneur is a manager of their own decisions, but also of those who concern your company and that influence your allies, suppliers and employees. For this reason, they usually work better in solitude and exercise their leadership in an almost natural way.

5- You find a solution for everything

One of the great qualities of every entrepreneur is that, even if they don’t execute all the concrete actions of your company when it is big enough to generate jobs, they know how to work intelligently.

In fact, the real entrepreneur is so aware of their responsibility and their objectives, that they are always looking for tools and strategies to optimize their time and cover more tasks quickly.

Entrepreneurs are excellent observers, listeners and speakers, so much that they are able to find unexpected readings of situations and find “weak spots” in other people and organizations to improve the supply of your business.

6- You are passionate about knowledge

Entrepreneurs, unlike others, spend their free time learning new things in their area of expertise. Most people use their leisure time in entertainment; but entrepreneurs invest it, almost always, in knowledge.

This does not mean that they are simply reading or doing courses, but that they also cultivate relationships with people smarter than themselves or who have knowledge that could be useful to you.

Entrepreneurship, in addition,  requires being restless and self-taught.

7- You are creative

Entrepreneurs are creators by definition, since they easily convert an idea into a business. Then, they turn the business into a profitable alternative, economically speaking, and make it grow until it works for them.

It is not about luck, but about their creative capacity. Entrepreneurs think differently and find solutions where others only see problems; find needs where others do not see them; and they find opportunities even in the harshest of crises.

8- You feel that you do not fit

Another very clear feature is that they suffer from enterprising; you feel out of place, especially when it comes to social relationships.

In a good number of opportunities, chatting with friends in which you don’t  onnect with the topic in question can be quite banal.

Do not worry! It is a natural quality of an entrepreneur. As you think differently, You may feel that you don’t fit in or it may seem that they look at you as if you  were crazy. But, there are many other entrepreneurs that surely you will quickly click with.

9- New ideas often arise in business

In that same wave of disruptive thinking, entrepreneurs move like fish in water.  In fact, another important quality of the entrepreneur is that they are capable of managing all kinds of projects and opportunities.

Additionally, as they usually know about business models, they can land almost any opportunity in a “workable” plane.

10- Lifestyle

Finally, it is important to note that entrepreneurs have busy lifestyles. Their days start very early and end usually extremely late. They are multitasking and are able to take care of their business, while taking care of themselves.

An entrepreneur is able to hold meetings throughout the day, stay informed and lead a social life without losing composure, as they are people who enjoy life and make the most of it. For them, work is no just such a thing, it is their way of life.

It is clear, without a doubt, that entrepreneurs are people who are separate to “normal”. They are always moving but not neglecting their personal relationships, despite having to attend to multiple tasks related to business.

Even though they are lonely spirits because of the way they create new projects, they handle social relationships well and, in fact, they need them, but their minds work in a different way. They are intelligent and enjoy life in all realizable ways.

If you have discovered that you have several or all of these characteristics, maybe it’s time that you risk starting your own business. For this reason, we invite you to read our basic guide to start a business so that you put to use your enterprising skills.